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Maureen Black
Natural Medicine

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About Maureen

Maureen Black Natural Medicine is Maureen Black (she/her). Originally from the midwest, she has been living in Southern California for the last 22 years. She is a Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master, as well as having received the level 1 and 2 Initiations into the Egyptian energy healing system of Sekhem Krhem. She holds a teaching certification in Clear Light Yoga Nidra, has a 200 hour Certification in Yoga as Therapy with an emphasis in Kundalini Yoga, has an extensive background in Holistic Nutrition.

Her healing journey began 17 years ago after a severe chronic infection created a healing crisis that devastated her gut and immune system. With Western Medicine offering little to no options in the way
of healing, Maureen has spent those years researching and exploring healing modalities and nutritional protocols that might be of help. For her, finding the nutritional protocol of Metabolic Balancing changed her life and provided her with the relief and support that she had been looking for. In a matter of months her body relaxed back into a more comfortable state with less systemic inflammation and she was able to eat a wider variety of food than she'd had in years. It gave her her life back. She has recently completed a certification as a Metabolic Balance Nutritional Coach and is excited to be able to share this incredibly effective wellness strategy with the world.


Another important part of her journey has been in exploring the emotional/spiritual/physical body connection. This led her to begin practicing the healing art of Reiki. Reiki is a loving and supportive vibrational medicine where universal life force energy is drawn through the practitioners body and hands and transferred onto another. Reiki energy is said to have its own intelligence and is naturally guided towards whatever the person receiving it needs. This creates an expansion in the chakras, energy field and aura of the recipient. One may feel warm or cool sensations, tingling, have visualizations, deep relaxation, emotional releases or spiritual connection. Reiki energy clears energetic blocks, opens the chakras and releases physical tension so that the body can begin to heal itself. Maureen incorporates various smoke/herbal clearings and selected crystals into her sessions, to enhance the effects of the Reiki energy. 

Maureen loves adventuring throughout California, but feels most at home in the mountains. She has deep loves of music, adapting recipes for various nutritional protocols, and exploring and experiencing all kinds of spiritual practices and traditions. She is a member of the healing collective Highland Holistic, located in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Maureen is available for Reiki on Saturdays by appt, and is available for Metabolic Balance coaching work via ZOOM or telephone on an as needed basis.



"I have been fascinated and pleased with the healing elements of Maureen's sessions. The experience she creates and the power of her energy work is incredibly healing and gentle; each time, I found myself in a much clearer headspace and able to enter into my body on a deeper level. My overall experiences differed sometimes; I would see colors and feel cool breezes, while in other sessions, I would feel certain areas of my body become more present. The energy worked specifically in each session to what areas in my body needed the work, and I noticed I always felt calm and replenished after. I am so thankful to have discovered such a unique and highly beneficial treatment for my head, heart, body, and soul.  Thank you, Maureen!"

Mandy S.

Maureen is a kind and talented energy healer. I recently did a series of remote reiki sessions and it really helped me both physically and mentally. I went into them exhausted and in pain due to a recent surgery and a tough bout of Covid earlier this year. I came away from the sessions feeling more centered, stronger, and focused, even though each one was a different experience. Highly recommend Maureen!


"Maureen is a natural healer with a powerful gift made ever more potent by her humble, unassuming style:hers is a deeply empathetic orientation which always supports and never judges. She's the first to point out the inherent difficulty in describing what exactly reiki is and the mystery of how it works. What I experience is, I enter a session with Maureen scattered and sped up:I leave grounded and calm. I tend to spend too much time up in my head, which leads to anxiety and a lack of presence in my body. A session with Maureen brings me lovingly down to earth, where I'll stay for a few days. During those days I remember what being calm in my body is like, the session effectively re-teaching me the physical experience of it. I like to schedule appointments on days in which I am able to return home and take a good nap. Maureen is a heart saver!" 

Alice J

My first experience working with Maureen and the modality of Sekhem Krhem was truly wonderful. Maureen's presence was fully grounded and perfectly focused from start to finish, something that's rare enough these days to be healing in and of itself. As a seasoned giver and receiver of energy work, I was struck by how unique this session was. The energy was gentle and supportive, but also extremely powerful, intelligent, and persistent. It was like my whole system, starting at my feet and working upwards, was dredged for whatever was stuck and needed clearing. 


To me, a great healer is someone who helps me through the hard stuff, the stuff I've been avoiding, in a way that brings it right to the surface but keeps me feeling safe the whole time. This is precisely what I experienced with Maureen. I recommend this work wholeheartedly and I can't wait for my next session!  

David S.


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